SARASOTA, Florida -- Adog breeder at the center of a10 News investigation is headed to jail after convictions on multiple breeding-related charges.

Sherrie Rouse was thesubject of a February investigationinto puppy mills and the sale of sick pets. She faced so many charges from so many victims that state prosecutors decided to escalate the charges to the felony level.

Rouse agreed to a plea that convicts her on all charges and will put her behind bars for a year, starting Nov. 30. After her 2014 release, she will remain on probation for five years.

While on probation, Rouse will be prohibited from owning or selling an animal. She will also have to make close to $10,000 in restitution to her victims, perform 200 hourscommunity service, and and undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Many of the complaints against Rouse involved fraudulent up-charging on Australian Shepherds, that often later got sick with puppy mill-related ailments. Several of the dogs died.

But despite several complaints to state and local authorities, it took the 10 News investigationto trigger an arrest and charges.

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