Tampa, FL - A woman accused of withholding information that could have possibly saved the lives of two police officers will remain free.

Cortnee Brantley was not arrested for the fatal shootings of David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab, but was charged under the rarely invoked "misprision statute," a federal offense.

On Wednesday, the ex-girlfriend of an accused cop killer Dontae Morris faced a federal judge again to find out if she would have to go back to jail.

Brantley has violated her probation and failed to report to her probation officer 19 times. When Judge James Moody asked her about it, she said that she forgot.

Prosecutors argued that Brantley ignores warnings and just doesn't care. But her attorney, James Irvin, explains that she has a lot of dysfunction in her life and is dealing with a lot right now.

"She knows what the rules are. The judge laid them out for her," said Irvin. "She's getting that right now from pretrial services, and let things the way they were in the courtroom is probably the best way to leave it."

Judge Moody is giving Brantley another chance and warns that she must follow the law or she will go back to jail.

Jury selection for Dontae Morris gets under way November 4in Orlando.

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