Pinellas County, Florida --The Centers for Disease Controlpartnered with Pinellas County Utilities to launch the CDC Water andHealth Study on October 28.

The study, which will take place overthe next six months in Pinellas County Utilities' water service areas,is part of a larger research project that will help public healthresearchers better understand the links between water use and health incommunities across the United States. Pinellas County Utilities isvolunteering to work with the CDC on this important project.

Duringthe study, the CDC team will mail selected Pinellas County Utilitieswater customers a survey that asks about their water use and health. Thesurvey can either be completed on paper or online using a securewebsite. Selected residents will not be contacted by phone or e-mail.Being selected for the study does not mean that there is anythingunusual about water service in the area, and water service will not bechanged in any way as result of the study. Most water utility customerswill not be contacted.

"Pinellas County is pleased to partner withthe CDC in this important project to improve understanding of water useand health in communities across the U.S." said Robert M. Powell,director of the Pinellas County Utilities Water and Sewer division.

For additional information about the CDC Water and Health Study, visit

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