Tampa, Florida -- 16-year-old Sean McNamee is a man of few words.

"I just can't wait to leave," said Sean.

He walked out of the doors of Florida Hospital Thursday night for the first time in three weeks wearing a compression helmet.

The Wharton High School junior fell and hit his head on a paint machine prior to football practice on October 9. No one knew it at the time, but the impact had severe consequences. Just hours after the accident, McNamee was rushed to the hospital and placed in a medically induced coma.

As he walked out of the hospital on Halloween night, he was joined by his parents, who are grateful they have their son back, because for many days it was touch and go.

"It's been heartbreaking and miraculous at the same time," said Jody McNamee.

"It was really amazing watching him day by day. He did a little bit more and and a little bit more. He just did a fantastic job," said Todd McNamee.

In the days that followed the accident, McNamee's parents sought legal council, and news outlets heard from their attorney.

But Thursday night there was no talk of lawsuits. There were just relieved parents, and a young man brave, tough, and grateful for his family.

"My dad, my mom, my dad's dad. I can always count on them," said Sean.

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