Tampa, FL -- The DUI dentist from Riverviewwho killed two people as they were walking over on Harbour Island three years ago is heading to prison.

Matthew Moye was sentenced to 12 years as part of a plea bargain, and on Thursday, as they got to read impact statements in court, the victims' families let Moye know in no uncertain terms about the pain the 37-year-old's actions have caused them.

For three years, Matthew Moye has remained a free man, with his case slowly making its way through the system.

The Riverview dentist was charged with the October 2010 DUI deaths of Kate Collier and Douglas Kosar.

The two young hotel workers were killed shortly after leaving work at the Marriott Hotel on Harbour Island, when Moye's Cadillac - traveling at more than 80 miles an hour -slammed into the pair as they walked across a bridge.

"There are two people dead," an officer told Moye that night.

Moye, his wife and another person had been taking part in a Halloween Party into the early morning hours and were on their way to another gathering at a club on Harbour Island.

Police dashcam video from that night shows Tampa police informing Moye about the victims' deaths.He claims he was the designated driver, but refused a field sobriety test.

A blood alcohol draw, however,showed a level of .136. The legal limit in Florida is .08.

When given a chance to speak, the families' feeling was clear, that it had takentoo long for justice to be served.

"I'll be brief," said Roy Collier, Kate's father, "because I don't want to delay Mr. Moye's trip to prison."

Family members of the victims used the court hearing to vent their anger and frustration at Moye,who until nowhad never accepted responsibility or offered them an apology.

Despite the evidence against him, critics say Moye has used his personal wealth to draw the case out.

But with only a few weeks to go before his trial, the 37 year-old agreed to a plea bargain.

"Guilty," he told the court several times as the charges against him were read.

When the families had a chance to say what they'd waited three long years to express, they held little back.

Russ Kosar, Doug's father, tearfully readthe letter he'dwritten tohis deceased son - and recited on the day of Doug's funeral.

He then turned toMoye and unleashed a stinging verbal attack.

"I have no sympathy for you. You are an arrogant, narcissistic, despicable individual who believes that the law pertains to everyone but himself," said Kosar.

The court accepted the plea deal.

The price for two young lives? 12 years in prison, 10 years probation, DUI School and a $2,000 fine.

"No parent should ever have to feel this needless pain," said Katie's mother.

The sentencewas within standard sentencing guidelines for DUI Manslaughter.

The court did give Moye an opportunity to make a statement beyond his plea, or formally apologize,but he did not.

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