Pinellas County, Florida - A Largo woman was supposed to be a girl's caretaker, but in this relationship there was little caring.

On Thursday Wanda Ringgo was arrested and charged with human trafficking of a minor who was in foster care. Ringgo was suppose to act as a parental figure teen.

"This is really a sad situation; a grotesque situation," Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said at a Friday morning news conference.

Gualtieri says Ringgo arranged for Mohand Rashid to have sex with the girl. Investigators say various sex acts did take place and Rashid was also arrested and charged with Lewd and Lascivious Battery.

Rashid works at the Handy Corner Food Store and that's where he and Ringgo met. A co-worker told 10 News that Rashid was "a hard worker" and he was shocked that Rashid had been arrested, especially for having sex with a child.

The Sheriff has created a special unit to investigate human sex trafficking. Gualtieri isn't sure if there's more of it going on now, or if it's just being detected more. But he does think it is a problem for the county.

"Children are at peril, because of this egregious and really gross conduct."