Sarasota, Florida -- The Sarasota Police Department is celebrating the retirement of the longest serving crossing guard for their department and the entire state of Florida

Barbara Stallings served more than 41 years as a crossing guard with the Sarasota Police Department, making her the longest serving crossing guard for the State of Florida.

Stallings, a mother of seven, began working with the Sarasota Police Department in January of 1972 when her youngest child started kindergarten. Her first post as a crossing guard was at Bahia Vista Street and Shade Avenue.

"Barbara always said she could write a book about all the things that happened during her time with the Sarasota Police Department. We'll miss having her protect and serve our kids and parents on their way to school, but we're excited for her next chapter," said Nicki Whitehead, Crossing Guard Coordinator, Sarasota Police Department.

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