Dunedin, Florida - A sinkhole that at last check measured 90 feet wide and 56 feet deep continued to swallow two homes in Dunedin Thursday night.

The garage of one of the two homes affected crumbled.

"I got to see it up close and person and it's huge," said Matthew Tegerdine.

He lives next door to one of the damaged homes on Robmar Rd. and was ordered to evacuate Thursday morning.

PHOTOS: Severe sinkhole swallows Dunedin homes

"I haven't lost any items, unlike my neighbors that have lost their house," he said.

Earlier in the day his neighbor, Mike Dupre, detailed how his family was shaken away by the cracking noises around 5 o'clockin themorning.

GRAPHIC:Florida's Sinkholes (PDF)

"As I approached the back of the house, I see our screen room just three feet off the ground," said Dupree.

Durpe, his wife and daughter got out with only the clothes on their backs.

"At first I thought maybe it was a joke because I couldn't believe it was actually happening," said daughter Ivy Dupre.

SINKHOLE DATABASE: Look up your county

But according to a sinkhole expert, the severity of this sinkhole is no joke.

"God only knows where this one's going to end up as far as the severity, but I would classify one of the more catastrophic one's I've seen in several years," said Yarkossky with Advance Pier Technology.

Neighbor Matthew Tegerdine said if he house remains undamaged, he still may not want his wife and son to sleep there.

"Will they even go to sleep in there? Will they walk back inside and be able to go - I don't know."

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