Dunedin, Florida --Demolition is under way on two homes damaged by a sinkhole that opened under a Pinellas County neighborhood.

A caravan of dump trucks joined demolition equipment where a sinkhole in Dunedin had opened up on Thursday morning.

Hundreds of cubic yards of dirt will be dumped into the crater, once the two homes closest to the hole are bulldozed to the ground, Dunedin Fire Chief Jeff Parks said.

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The sinkhole appears to have stabilized, now measuring around 90 feet across and 56 feet deep.

The garage of one of the two houses closest to the hole crumbled into the pit piece by piece Thursday night.

Those homes have been condemned and will be demolished Friday morning, without the families who live there ever getting a chance to return and collect anything they own.

GRAPHIC:Florida's Sinkholes(PDF)

The two other homes whose yards back up to the sinkhole remain evacuated, but have not been declared lost at this point.

City and county crews are set to swarm the area in the next few hours. If the sinkhole grows much larger, it could damage a sanitary sewer pipe. Utilities managers are working to reroute that waste.

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