Dunedin, FL -- One of two houses is being demolished after a sinkhole forms in a neighborhood.

A home that housed five years of Dupre family memories was gone in a matter of hours.Bulldozers, excavators and heavy machinery were all brought in to finish the job started by a sinkhole.

The Dupres consoled each one another as they sadly watched their property pulled apart piece by piece.

The demolition is drawing in onlookers from all over Dunedin, most with mixed feelings about the sinkhole situation.

"You hear about it up in Spring Hill, but you never think its going to be somewhere near where you at or live you know. But unfortunately here it is, it's scary," said Michael Dougherty.

Others shared empathy for the families.

"To lose your whole life's worth of treasures you know, it's devastating... but thank God that little girl, she's a hero. She woke up her family," said Jackie Braga.

STORY:Sinkhole family speaks about frightening ordeal

Crews are doing their best to salvage some of the belongings but say there are no guarantees.

The materials from the home will be transported to an area recycling center. From there Fire Chief Jeff Parks says that they will sift through the items and salvage anything that they can.

GRAPHIC:Florida's Sinkholes(PDF)

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