Tampa, Florida -- There hasn't been much to cheer about this season for USF fans but the Bulls faithful roared to life before the ball was even kicked off in Saturday's home finale.Senior defensive lineman Ryne Giddins proposed to his girlfriend, Cierra Harris, and she said yes in front of family and friends.

The proposal was a big surprise. The entire USF team was on the field for pregame festivities. The Bulls' seniors were honored with framed jerseys and Giddins' name was the last to be called. His family and his girlfriend were waiting for him near the endzone.

When his name was called he trotted out to meet them but before he accepted his commemorative jersey, he dropped to one knee with a ring in his hand.

Harris had the biggest smile as Giddins slipped the ring on her finger. She showed it off to the dozens of cameras gathered around to capture the moment.

Giddins, a former Armwood Hawks star, is majoring in communication science disorders.

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