Tampa, Florida -- After 20 years of delivering toys to children, a Tampa couple is hoping someone else can carry on their tradition.

"It's heartbreaking to think that this is possibly the last year we can do this, but it has out grown us and all our efforts," said Sheri and Bill Brown.

The Browns started the Cookson Hills Toy Run for children, seniors, and veterans in need back when they only gave out 19 gifts to kids in the community.

"This year, we gave out more than 500 gifts, and it has taken hundreds of people and sponsors to help us organize this event," said Sheri.

The couple has faced challenging times.

"I am a three time cancer survivor, and I have had open heart surgery, and all the while we have managed to put this together for the community every year," said Bill.

They have together put $40,000 of their own money and countless hours over two decades into the toy run.

Parents at the toy run for the first time could not believe the generosity.

"I was expecting, okay, one or two gifts per child, but not five or six and bicycles and an MP3 Player," said Kathrynn Caruthers.

"With four children, it is hard and money is tight this year. Among other things, it is hard to afford to buy all the gifts your children keep wishing for," said Michelle Robbins.

"I just want to wish everyone here who brought us gifts a very Merry Christmas," said one of Robbin's daughters, 10-year-old Elizabeth Robbins.

Robbins said if the event doesn't happen next year, she does not know what she will do, because the toy run is so special and so different from the others.

"The gifts are chosen for each child and then given to each one and then they get to open them in front of everyone and it is so special. If we don't have this ever again, at least we will have our love for each other," said Robbins.

If you want to help the Browns please go to:

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