Tampa, Florida -- An early Sunday morning crash leaves a man dead and another behind bars.

The accident occurred on Sunday, December 8 around 4:00 a.m. A crash at Armenia Avenue and West LaSalle Avenue resulted in a death and traffic lights being knocked down. It was several hours until traffic lights were operational.

Richardo Corio-Rosa was the passenger in the Chevy Pickup truck, and he died as a result of the crash. The driver, Oscar Tapia, has been charged with vehicular homicide and possession of cocaine.

Nearby neighbors are shaken up by the scene and explained that they are not surprised to hear about another accident.

Aquilla Nance has only lived in the neighborhood for four years and said she's already witnessed nearly a dozen car crashes, and it hasher second guessing her safety.

"And walking, oh my goodness, you can forget a person, a pedestrian, oh my goodness, it's like playing Russian Roulette out there with this traffic," said Nance.

Sam Grillo used to ride his bike in the area and admits that he has had a couple of close calls.

"The only ones that stop are the ones going across, but the ones making a right on red?" saidGrillo. "They never stop and I'm surprised this ain't happened before."

Investigators are still looking into the case.