Gulf Breeze, Florida (PNJ) -- William Brandon Aydelott is a fresh-faced kid with sandy brown hairand a passion for baseball. The typical boy next door to his Gulf Breezeneighbors at the Crane Cove subdivision.

At6-foot-3 and 189 pounds, Aydelott is big for 17. Big enough to pass forthe adult he'll be charged as in his mother's killing.

TheGulf Breeze High School senior, known to most people as Brandon, isaccused of stabbing and bludgeoning Sharon Lynn Aydelott to death onChristmas Eve.

RandyRenfroe, the teenager's baseball coach at Gulf Breeze High School, saidthe Aydelotts were getting a divorce and that Brandon appeared to behaving a difficult time with the breakup.

He never expected what happened Tuesday night, however.

"We are just in shock and disbelief," Renfroe said.

SharonAydelott was found just inside the front door of her home in the 1100block of Crane Cove Boulevard with a number of wounds and lacerations onher hands, arms, face and neck, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Officesaid. She died of wounds sustained after being stabbed with kitchenknives and being bludgeoned with a baseball bat. She was pronounced deadon scene at 6:22 p.m.

A science teacher at Holley Navarre Middle School, Sharon Aydelott was admired by her students and well known by her neighbors.

"It'sbeen pretty devastating," Santa Rosa County Superintendent of SchoolsTim Wyrosdick said Thursday. "She was an amazing professional. She wasselfless and she was passionate about teaching. It was her love and herlife, and we will miss her greatly."

AtCrane Cove on Thursday, several people declined to discuss theChristmas Eve tragedy and asked the media to respect the privacy of theAydelotts and their neighbors.

Thedetails of the events leading up to the attack still are trickling out.What is known is that Brandon Aydelott was not living with his motherat the time of the attack, and the two had argued earlier that day.

Aboutthree hours after Sharon Adyelott was found in her home, BrandonAydelott was apprehended at another residence in Gulf Breeze. Accordingto the Sheriff's Office, he immediately confessed to killing his mother.

While discussing the incident, he "was calm," and "appeared to beemotionless, other than giving a small smile a few times during theinterview," the arrest report said.

"Ourinvestigation is pretty much done," Santa Rosa County Sheriff's OfficePublic Information Officer Rich Aloy said. "We got a full confession, wegot the charges filed and we got him off the street."

Grand jury action

StateAttorney Bill Eddins said Thursday that Aydelott, who turns 18 on Feb.22, would be charged as an adult, and that the state is seeking a chargeof premeditated first-degree murder. Aydelott will face life in prison.Under Florida law, prosecutors cannot seek the death penalty because heis not 18.

Eddinssaid if the grand jury indicts, the teenager will be moved out ofjuvenile custody immediately and placed in a segregated section of anadult jail.

"Becauseof the overall nature of the crime, it is our conclusion thecircumstances were such that we should seek first-degree murdercharges," Eddins said.

PublicDefender Bruce Miller said the 17-year-old is being held in a juveniledetention facility and that investigators from the Public Defender'sOffice are interviewing him about the specifics of the incident.

"We're going to have him evaluated to see what his mental state was before, during and after," Miller said.

"Heis a juvenile, so we have to look at the circumstances around hisadmission," Miller said. "He has certain rights, so we have to see washe advised of his rights, did he waive his rights and was he of soundmind to waive his rights?"

Eddins said that he did not think there would be any issues in admitting the teen's confession.

"Based on my review, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office has done an excellent job in the handling of this matter," he said.

Promising athlete

Renfroesaid Aydelott had a bright future and was likely a candidate for acollege baseball scholarship because of his pitching skills.

The coach said the tall, rugged athlete never showed signs of aggression, even when calls on the field did not go his way.

Refroe said Aydelott's family was supportive of his baseball ambitions and often showed up to cheer him on at games.

Renfroesaid he hoped authorities would consider "all aspects" of Aydelott'slife and that he was disappointed to hear the teen would be charged asan adult.

Theschool district has called in crisis counselors to help students. Thecoach said he planned to meet with his baseball players today.

BrandonAydelott's Facebook page, last updated in October, featured a pictureof his baseball team gathered in prayer on a baseball field.

Hismother frequently updated her Facebook page with pictures of brightflowers. The page said she liked Joel Osteen Ministries, CarrieUnderwood, Taylor Swift and Adele.

Funeral services for Sharon Aydelott had not been announced Thursday afternoon.

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