(USA TODAY) -- OLED displays make up a major part of LG Electronics' 2014 productline that will officially be unveiled at next week's ConsumerElectronics Show.

The highlight promises to be whatLG calls the largest curved OLED Ultra HD set, which at 77 inches alsodisplays Ultra HD 3D. That display and new 55-inch and 65-inchcurved OLED Ultra HD models brought to market in 2014 will use LG's newSmart TV with functionality based on WebOS, the rights to which the company acquired from HP early last year.

Anothernew model is a 55-inch flat Gallery OLED display with an art framedesign that incorporates a 100-watt speaker system. It can displaypaintings or photos when not being used (price and availability of LG's OLEDs will be announced at CES).

Also to be shown, which LG announced two weeks ago, is the 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV in the rectangular 21:9 aspect ratio that is wider than current 16:9 displays.

TVmakers have experienced several years of overall flat sales, but expectto see shipments and sales ramp up for so-called smart TVs, as well asnew Ultra HD TVs, first brought to market in 2013 along with OLED displays. OLED displays are ultra-thin and Ultra HD promises four times the resolution of current HDTVs.

Last year was"kind of a positioning year," says Tim Alessi, LG Electronics USA'sdirector of new product development. "We see 2014 as the start of arapid shift to these new technologies."

For OLEDdisplays, LG estimates total industry sales of 30,000 to 50,000 for2014. "We have a pretty comprehensive lineup to start to try to leadthat market," Alessi says.

There might be less competition than expected in the OLED marketplace for LG. Competitors Panasonic and Sony let their cooperative OLED design deal lapse at the end of 2013 and will not renew it. Neither has brought a large OLED TV display into the marketplace.

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