(USA Today)-- The moment was hyped hours before theGrammysgot going.

Macklemore.Same Love.Queen Latifah. Madonna. And 33 couples saying, "I do."

But the part that wasn't scripted - and that got the Internet extra-weepy?

Keith Urbanand his tear,caught by camerasafter those couples were wed.

Posted @ToriKozlowski: "Falling even more inlove with @KeithUrban so adorbs I wish I was there to give him a tissue!"

Chimed in @shiramisu: "I loved that quick glimpse of @KeithUrban in tears at the end of #samelove performance. Real men cry and real love rocks."

Summed up @kateonfire: "Not sure I've ever seen a venue full of so much love in my life. Can we all appreciate Keith Urban's reaction? #samelove".

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