TUSTIN, Calif.( - Authorities say a 28-year-old man was killed instantly when he made contact with an energized power line,CBS Los Angeles reports.

Orange County Fire Authority Captain Steve Concialdi tells CBS2 that the man was taking pictures of Saturday night's sunset from a tree in the back of his parent's Tustin home when he was electrocuted.

Concialdi says the victim's parents went looking for him and called out his name to no avail.

CBS2's Art Barron reports that the victim managed to post his pictures on Facebook.

"After he took the pictures and posted them on Facebook, he came in contact with some power lines up in the tree," the captain told KNX 1070's Bob Brill.

The victim's parents on Sunday morning found his body in the tree.

The Orange County coroner's office identified the man as David Strohm Jr.

The deadly incident occurred in the 15600 Block of S. California cross of Medallion.

Authorities said power in the area was temporarily turned off to allow fire crews to retrieve Strohm's body.

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