St. Petersburg, FL -- Democratic Congressional candidate Alex Sink is calling on the National Republican Congressional Committee to pull what she calls a "deceptive" website.

The site, "SinkForCongress2014," seeks donations... but not for Sink's campaign. Instead, it's run by Republicans.

"It's definitely out of bounds," Sink said.

10 News was the first to show Sink and her staff the site last year. CNN now reports is one of at least 15 websites nationwide about Democrats that are operated by the NRCC. But anNRCC spokesperson says he doesn't see the websites as deceptive or sleazy, just pure genius.

"Well we're very proud of the program," Daniel Scarpinato recently told CNN.

Sink of course, feels much differently.

"I think that's outrageous and the Republicans should be ashamed of themselves," said Sink, who is running to replace C.W. Bill Young in Congressional District 13. "To me if it were in print, we would call that deceptive advertising."

But Republicans are not alone, Democrats have similar sites. Type in and up comes a site that is certainly not run by Republican Congressional candidate David Jolly's campaign.

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