Tallahassee, Florida ( -- An autopsy on the body of Ryan Uhre will be performed today.

The23-year-old Weston native and former Florida State student's body was found in a building in the 100 block of West College Avenue, betweenAdams and Duval streets, by investigators Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday morning, the Tallahassee Police Department was at the building meetingwith media from South Florida and walking through the alleyway Uhre wasspotted in that night.

Surveillance footage from twocameras on the east side of the building showed Uhre walking in thealley the night of Feb. 2, according to Officer David Northway,spokesman for TPD. Northway added that he has no information as towhether or not Uhre was alone or with anybody else at the time.

Northway said he did not know whether Uhre was walking in or walking out of the alley.

"He was in the alleyway, I'm not sure if he walking in or walking out of the alleyway," Northway said.

The alley, which serves as a back exit to downtown restaurants, runsalong the east side of the building to a dead end. In that dead end arevarious garbage cans and pieces of plywood, as well as a metal staircaseleading to a boarded-up second floor door. Cigarette butts, liquorbottles and beer bottles are strewn about.

Halfway up thestairwell, a weathered piece of plywood serves as a barrier to the door.On the board is a white spray-painted warning: "Danger do not enter nofloor." Just beyond is the rest of the stairwell leading up to theboarded-up door. "Caution do not enter no floor!!" a red spray-paintedmessage warns.

The vacant building is owned by the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Foundation.It was given to the nonprofit in 2006 by a donor with the intention the foundation would sell the property and use the proceeds for the mission of the hospital.

Warren Jones, spokesman for THM Foundation, said the building has been vacant since it was acquired in 2006 and it does not have a second floor.

"It was gutted," Jones said. "It's four walls and a roof. The building is a shell."

Jones added that after the building was gutted, braces were placed inside the structure to shore up the integrity of the walls.

Officer Northway did not elaborate about the role the building'scondition may have played in Uhre's death.

"The specificsof where Mr. Uhre was located in the building is not something I candiscuss at this time because they case is an active, ongoinginvestigation," Northway said.

The same building caughtfire in March of 2012, according to Lt. Mike Bellamy, spokesman for theTallahassee Fire Department. Firefighters were able to quicklyextinguish that fire near the front door of the building. Damage to thebuilding was estimated at $1,000. The cause, said Bellamy, was "a poorlyextinguished cigarette."

Jones said that after the fire, "we further secured the building and put boards on all of the windows and secured the front door. We've heard nothing since."

He said the foundation was evaluating the building, which is not on the market at this time, and also extended condolences to the Uhre family.

The surveillance footage ledinvestigators to the building Tuesday morning. Police found Uhre's bodywhen looking through an open window, just above the adjacent hair salon,Randazzles, Northway said. He would give no more details as to whereUhre's body was found and whether it appeared injured.

"Thereason for that is because if this, God forbid, turns out to be ahomicide there will be two people would know why Mr. Uhre was where hewas in the building," Northway said. "That would be Mr. Uhre and theperson who did the crime."

A cause of death has still notbeen determined and police still have no evidence of foul play, Northwaysaid, but the investigation is continuing.

Northway said he does not have any information as to where Uhre would have entered the building or why.

"I do not have any specifics as to how Mr. Uhre got into the building," Northway said.

Northway continually cited the ongoing investigation as the reason why no more information has been released thus far.

"Thishas been a tragedy for our city and it's also very upsetting to all ofus who are working this case," Northway said. "What we're asking is forsome time to be able to make sure that we come to the correct answer."

Thenight before Uhre's body was found, police sent out a press release of aman walking in downtown Tallahassee. The man is not a suspect in thecase, but police think he may lead to answers.

"He is not asuspect, he was someone who was walking in the downtown area, captured on the cameras, and simply someone that we were hoping may have seenMr. Uhre walking around," Northway said.

Northway said he does not know the direction he was walking or on what street he was walking on.

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