Denver, Colorado (CBS News)-- With names like Buds and Roses, Peanut Budda Buddah, and Jolly Lolly, edible marijuana isn't always taken seriously. But the pot can be potent, and sales are soaring in Colorado and keeping up with demand has been tough at Colorado Wholesale Distribution.

The Denver company, known as CWD, specializes in edible marijuana products, like candy and tea. Sales have tripled since recreational pot became legal last month with new users driving the market.

"They're unfamiliar with, maybe, what they're getting into, and they'd much prefer, I think, to eat something as opposed to smoke it," explained Steve Troiano of CWD.

CWD delivers to a growing number of recreational pot retailers including Sacred Seed where the doorbell hasn't stopped ringing in weeks.

Some people prefer edibles over smoking, like one 24-year-old who says, "It's nice to go to sleep to."

But there's concern pot products that look like candy can be dangerous in children's hands.A new study shows a dramatic increase in the number of children hospitalized warning," can't distinguish between products that contain marijuana and those that don't."

Colorado has tightened its laws requiring edible pot products to come in child-proof opaque containers.

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