Tampa, Florida -- Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) and Tampa Police say they are following strong leads and are close to an arrest after the act ofthrowing a rock at a bus was caught on camera.

Officialssay there have been eight incidents in three weeks. They say, luckily, no one was hurt.

HART public information officer Sandra Morrison said, "It was overwhelming. You see the reaction of our riders and it is hard to believe somebody would throw a rock at a bus filled with people."

HART released video from inside the bus, where you can see a rock blast through the glass door.

Morrison asked, "Why would you do this?"

People who rely on the bus say they want answers too.Ester Simons said, "That's dangerous, someone throwing bricks at the bus, and we all in this neighborhood have to ride that bus."

She added the rock being used as evidence looks a lot likethe ones she puts in her front yard for decoration. "Makesme feel it's dangerous we put these rocks outside the gate."

Officials say throwing something like a rock into a vehicle makes it a "deadly missile" -- and also a felony.

Officials say they were on a "safety route" avoiding this area, but that was too confusing for riders so now it's back to the normal run, with extrapatrols and security in place.

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