Tampa, Florida-- As the election for the late C.W. Bill Young's Congressional seat fast approaches, the three competing candidates held their final debate in Tampa Friday afternoon.

Shorter than others, the debate lasted around 30 minutes, during which Republican David Jolly, Democrat Alex Sink and Libertarin Lucas Overby each addressed a variety of topics- including taxes, Obamacare, and social security, and even campaign contributions.

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On taxes:

"I think the tax code is very generous but its too confusing. We need to lower taxes for everybody," said David Jolly.

"My first priority to to close the loopholes that allow major corporations to record billions in profits but get all the tax breaks,' said Alex Sink.

"I would like to see the code simplified and get a tax cut done," said Lucas Overby.

On Obamacare:

"I don't think we need a mandate for Americans to pay as a solution to solve the problem of pre-existing conditions," said Jolly.

"What we had wasn't working. My position is that we should fix what's wrong," said Sink.

"We have said we are willing to work with whatever currently exists to decrease costs," said Overby.

On Social Security:

"I would not be for partial privitization because I think social security need sto provide a safety net," said Jolly.

"One of the reasons I'm running for Congress is to represent the needs of the people of this district," said Sink.

"I'm opposed to privatization," said Overby.

But the big moment came when Sink challenged Jolly's position on women's issues including abortion and equal pay.

"How can you justify no equal pay for equal work?," asked Sink.

Jolly shot back, "You continue to misrepresent me. You've done it on tv, in public and in private, and I think the people deserve better."

Afterwards, members of the media gave each candidate the opportunity to answer the same question- what did they think was the most important part of the debate, and overall, the most important part of their campaign.

Overby's response-

"Flood insurance. Right now, if we are going to do a hold, the hold needs to cover everybody. Pinellas County residents that own rentals and second homes are going to get killed in this," he said. "We've had people coming to our campaign for weeks now asking to do something."

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As for Jolly, he was happy Friday's debate gave him a chance to set things straight after he says opponent Alex Sink misrepresented him throughout the campaign.

"I think the telling thing was that I was able to demonstrate that she's misrepresented me repeatedly on issues from social security, to medicare, to other issues," he said. "And I had the opportunity to correct the record, and show that she is misleading voters."

WATCH: One-on-one interviews with Jolly and Sink

Sink, on the other hand, chose not to address the final question at all, and left the building after the formal debate ended.

Stay tuned for a full report on the debate tonight on 10 News at 11:00.

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