St. Petersburg, Florida -- A one-of-a-kind Mediterranean revival architecture building in downtown St. Petersburg is being threatened by potential demolition. It's a building that served the community for decades as the YMCA.

It stands several stories high at the corner of 5th Street South and 2nd Avenue South. On the rooftop terrace, there is a picture of a giving and receiving hand. This is symbolic of what the project manager hopes will happen.

"Over 10,000 people over a year come visit. They are rooting for us, want to see this saved," said Historic St. Pete Marketing Director Thomas Nestor. He has until March 15th to make an $18,000 payment -- or else.

"We have four more payments at $18,000 and the final date is July 15. If we default, the building goes to someone else. The building is in jeopardy."

He says he needs the public's help to save the building built in 1926.

"It was built on $550,000 of community funds, not a bank note or one investor. Everybody pitched in."

It was a community center for almost 80 years. If you walk through, it's hard to miss the Mayan tiles and the the hand painted Cypress breams. Nestor said there are only four historic buildings in St. Petersburg with those beams. And in the basement, there is a hidden gem -- a pool.

"I had a person text me this morning interested in getting involved. He was the last person to leave the pool when it closed."

Nestor said he feels blessed to be part of a team that is keeping the wrecking ball away, but said, "We just need 12 people that can co-share, own it, or one person to lock the property and close on the contract and end the charadeabout the demolition. "



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