Homosassa, Florida -- A controversy is brewing in Citrus County with the Sugarmill Woods community and a new development residents claim would ruin their peace and tranquility.

Due to concerns a developer will be granted access through their Oak Village neighborhood, a grassroots effort has been launched by the residents to try and stop the access due to concerns about increased traffic, crime and losing the essence of why they move here.

"For the seclusion, for the quietness and very little traffic," Dewey Ingram says.

The Sugarmill Woods community has gathered nearly 1,000 signatures in effort to stop the County from allowing developer Nachum Kalka access to his new project of 400 multi-family homes. They fear once access is granted, then Kalka's other project to the south in Hernando would then flood their quiet Oak Park Boulevard with thousands of unwanted cars.

"I don't know why he doesn't use his own property in his own subdivision. And I think it's unfortunate the county says there's nothing they can do," saysAllan Bell.

"It's an internal decision. It does not go before the planning and development commission nor does it go before the Board of County Commissioners," explains Tobey Phillips.

"All the rumors that we have now are just rumors," saysNachum Kalka.

Kalka says there would not be access from his Hernando community and he would only build better.

"Whatever I will do, I will do in a higher level than exists now," he says.

The Sugarmill residents, some 10,000 strong, have a warning for their elected officials if the access is granted.

"We can be their biggest supporters or we can be their biggest enemies,"Bell stresses.

One thing is for certain about these Oak Village residents is they will not give up, they say they will continue to email the county and if needed hire an attorney.

Now if access is granted to Oak Park Boulevard, the residents would have 30 days to appeal. Kalka says the 400-unit project would begin in two-three years.

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