Tampa, Florida -- Earlier this weekend, 10 News received a tip from a Tampa resident who says a power pole next to his home could come down with the next big gust of wind.

The pole with a transformer attached leans toward resident Wayne Granda's fence.

"I've called TECO two or three times and told them that this is a danger hazard, that the pole is about to come down anytime there's a storm," Granda said.

Granda told us he'd gotten nowhere with Tampa Electric.

His next-door neighbor, Phyllis Weislo, said she's seen the pole leaning toward his house for two years and is concerned herself.

"I'm just waiting for the day that it falls on top of his house. It will happen," Weislo said.

So, we stepped in.

10 News reached out to TECO and got a service worker out to inspect the pole today.

The inspector says while it looks like it is leaning, the power pole is perfectly safe. It was also inspected in January when Granda first complained to the power company.

10 News will keep an eye on it, because we're looking out for you.

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