Sebring, Florida -- A man is dead after he allegedly shot up his neighborhood and thenshot at deputies.

This all happened on Farm Road near Plantation Drive in Sebring.

Crime tape and a command post at the house in thedark distance are all that's left of the scene. But neighbors say the
biggest difference is this: it is silent.

"It is going to be quiet and I can sleep at night again," said one neighbor.

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office says the rural residential road wasawakened by gunfire on Sunday.

Larry Daniels says it sounded like World War III. Another neighborwent in and loaded a gun.

Authorities say the suspect,31-year-oldFloyd Gene Hodge, refused to drop his weapon and continuedto shoot at deputies after he had already shot at homes.

One neighbor showed WTSP a car seat and said, "Glad my granddaughter wasn't in it."

Deputies say they had to shoot and kill Hodge.His wife returned briefly to the scene Sunday night. She saidhe was a goodman, but he had demons.

Neighbors say they're thankful deputies kept them safe. "Myutmost thanks. Were lives saved? Yes, definitely," one said.

Authorities say this investigation will resume tomorrow when deputies return to deal with the house, which is reportedly full of ammunition.

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