Palm Harbor, Florida-- The teacher: a man nicknamed Captain Cannabis. The classroom: the Witch's Brew Café in Palm Harbor. The students: curious members of the community who hope to learn about all things marijuana.

Tuesday night's workshop was one of 16 planned at the café until the November election, when Amendment 2 -- the issue of legalizing medical marijuana -- goes up for vote.

"Doing this was a way for the community to talk about a subject that's been underground and hush-hush for so long," café owner, Lesley Klein told 10 News.

Each bi-monthly session has a theme, from economics of weed, to the history and recreational uses. In the crowd, along with those just wanting to talk, was a doctor who sees the benefit for his patients.

"I have MS patients who have had the opportunity to smoke it in the past, and claim marijuana is the only thing that gets them relief," said David Collom, a podiatrist.

"I myself don't smoke it, but I'm frustrated we can't pursue what we can treat with it."

The workshop is partly an education session, and partly a grassroots campaign to make all of the green legal in Florida. Tuesday's session was the beginning of what Lesly hopes will be a big marijuana push for her small business.

"There are a lot of different opportunities, from the edibles to growing it," she said. "I really believe there's an opportunity here. What was the gold rush, is now the green rush."

Klein said she's already planning ahead to November if Amendment 2 passes. She hopes to turn the upstairs portion of her café, into a marijuana dispensary.

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