St. Petersburg, Florida - We have triple trouble to tell you about this week, with three Bay area restaurants temporarily closed down by the state, all with insect issues inside their kitchens.

We begin in the Coquina Key area of South St. Petersburg and a Chinese Take Out spot,China 1 on 6th Street South.

"I got there and I saw this big orange sticker and I'm like, 'What the bleep is going on?''" asked China 1 customer Randal Ballard.

Turns out a state inspector ordered an emergency closure after documenting 11 violations, including 102 live roaches found in and around the hand sink and under the prep line with the rice.

"If they're not taking care of the product then they're jeopardizing the community, because everyone in the community comes here," said Ballard.

We stopped in, hoping to check out the restaurant's kitchen.

"I'm sorry but my manager goes on vacation so she's not coming back," said employee Selena Zheng. "She said right now everything is doing good. Thank you so much."

When we asked for permission to take a look in the kitchen, we were told restaurant staff members were too busy. "No, thank you, because we're still working," said Zheng.

From the front counter, we spotted what appeared to be a possible chemical sprayer right next to the bagged rice, and several insects flying around the restaurant, with both the front and back door wide open.

When asked if he'd give the restaurant a second chance, customer Randal Ballard told us no way. "I'm never going back there again. From the minute I saw that sticker on there, that was it for me," he said.

Next stop was Seffner and a Restaurant Red Alert repeat offender. Young Bin Chinese is located on West Martin Luther King and was written up with 38 violations. The restaurant was closed down for the second time in two months, this time with roach excrement along the walls, under the prep table, and live roaches right over the cooking equipment. An employee was also written up for not properly washing their hands.

"If you're going to touch my food and you're not washing your hands, that's pretty gross," said Michela Taylor, who we found outside the restaurant.

Employees declined to comment, saying the owner was unavailable.

The final stop was St. Pete Beach, where Silas Steakhouse & Bayside Bar on Gulf Blvd. was temporarily closed with 17 violations,including a black or green mold-like substance inside the ice machine, no soap at an employee hand washing sink, a dirty soda gun, and live roaches found inside cooking equipment.

Owner Rob Stambaugh arrived to provide a tour, saying his pest control company was called right away.

"They immediately sent someone out, they spent several hours here, they certified to the health department that we were roach free," said Stambaugh, who next showed us the tilt skillet where the roach problem was originally discovered.

"He went into the side and there were roaches down in it," said Stambaugh of the state inspection a week earlier.

We toured the entire kitchen, including the walk-in cooler where fresh seafood is stored.

"These actually just came in this morning, they were harvested yesterday," said Stambaugh showing off some fresh seafood.

Food was covered and six inches off the floor. We also found a cleaned out ice bin. The foaming soap was a little slow to come out of one dispenser we found in the kitchen, but there was no sign of any additional insects.

"I'm very disappointed in what's happened here, and it won't happen again," said Stambaugh, who invites any customer to call and arrange a tour of his kitchen facility.

Silas Steakhouse has been open on St. Pete Beach for 35 years. The state cleared them to reopen later the same day.

The other two restaurants featured in this report also have been allowed to reopen.

Click below to see the inspection results for all three restaurants.



CHINA 1 (6th Street South, St. Petersburg)

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