(FloridaToday.com) - A 2,300-pound great white shark tracked by research group Ocearch has moved further south since its last "ping" Saturday night.

Named Katharine, the 14-foot shark pinged just off the coast of Kennedy Space Center at 6:01 a.m. this morning. Katharine's GPS tracker has logged two more pings, which only register when the shark surfaces: 7:13 a.m., and 9:45 a.m. Both show an eastward movement out into the Atlantic.

Ocearch's Global Shark Tracker shows that Katharine has traveled about 125 miles in 72 hours, with a total log of 3,560 miles.

Katharine was originally tagged off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The shark was named after Katharine Lee Bates, a songwriter known for writing the American patriotic song "America the Beautiful."

You can track Katharine's movements here or at ocearch.org.

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