ST. ALBANS, Vt. (WCAX/CNN) -- It was all caught on the cruiser dashboard camera: What started as police pulling over Peter Martin for having tinted car windows turned into much more.

After being cited by police, Martin tried to pull away, but the video shows his car got stuck in a ditch. Court papers say Ofc. Michael Malinowski then called for a tow truck, but when Martin's insurance wasn't accepted, he refused to pay for the services. The tow truck operator then began to tow the car for lack of payment. That's when police say Martin lunged at the tow truck driver and police stepped in, eventually wrestling Martin to the ground.

According to court records, Malinowski threatened to tase Martin once on the ground. He says he feared for his life after a gun fell from the lawyer, who was also armed with a knife.

A young mother in southern New Jersey was viciously beaten by another woman as the victim's young son looked on, reports CBS Philly. Video of the assault was later posted on Facebook.

Martin was in court the following day and pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

We stopped by Peter Martin's law office to speak with him about the incident, but while he says his injuries are healing, he wouldn't speak with us about the specifics of the charges.

But St. Albans residents are offering their opinions on the case.

"I do understand Mr. Martin didn't want somebody to hook onto his car, it's his choice," Heath McAllister said. "I would've probably just lit a flare if I was a cop and drove off and said enjoy yourself. You're stuck; it's on you to get it out."

"Overall, I think the police officer did a good job. That's my opinion," Andrew Judge said.

Others say both the officer and Martin are to blame.

"It should be a learning moment for both sides," Vesna Bozic said. "This type of thing should not escalate to this because this community doesn't need that."

Martin's attorney did tell us he still needs to review the full video before he can comment. A court date for the case has not been set.

Aftermarket tint on vehicle windshields and front seat windows is not allowed on cars inspected in Vermont.

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