Cleveland, Ohio -- A Cleveland Police officer's department-issued body camera was rolling the day a two-year-old boy got too close to his back yard swimming pool and fell in.

The boy was found lifeless by relatives.

"He was purple, he was lifeless. When they picked him up, he had nothing. He was like shaking, his lips were shaking. It's something I'm never gonna ever forget. Like, sometimes I wake up just thinking about it," says the boy's aunt, Cynthia Conner.

The video shows Conner and the officer working together to save the boy.

The video shows the boy's aunt and the officer working together to save the boy. WJW/CNN

"Honestly, I've been a police officer for eight years. I've seen some pretty serious stuff, living in the city, being a police officer in the city. That's probably been the only time I've ever been scared, ever been scared."

"He just went in there, and went right, he took control. He said, I'll do the compression and you breathe. And then did a teamwork, and that's when the EMS showed up. Just talking about it gives me goose bumps."

The boy survived the incident and is back to being a normal two-year-old.

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