Winston-Salem, N.C. (DAILY NEWS) -- Diners at a North Carolina restaurant can get more than a full stomach if their serve sees them praying before they eat.

At Mary's Gourmet Diner , the waiters and waitresses have been allowed to reduce a diner's bill by 15 percent for the last four years if they see guests show an "attitude of gratitude" before eating, co-owner Mary Haglund told WGHP.

She doesn't car what faith is involved: a Christian prayer or a simple meditative pause. She just likes people taking a moment to show they are thankful.

"It's a gift to us to watch them appreciate our food," Haglund told the station.

The prayer discount was just a local special until a Christian radio station shared a photograph of the receipt on Facebook last week, which got 9,000 likes.

Haglund admits that some of her wait staff are against the idea and do not give out a discount. She leaves it up to them.

"Prayer, meditation or just breathing while being grateful opens the heart chakra," she said. "It's good for everyone!"

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