(KGW) Experts say these are the biggest mistakes people making when ordering take-out food. (And they're offering tips to on how to stay healthy when you do eat out or bring food home.)

1. Eating the entire order:

Most take-out meals are created to serve more than one person, so it's important to think about portion control. That doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself to nothing, though. Think about adding things like veggies and protein so the meal is more filling and lower calorie.

2. Denying your cravings:

Nutritionists say there's some benefit to satisfying cravings, even for things like greasy fast food. But don't break open the bag in the car and start eating.

3. Eating when you're distracted:

Experts say eating when you're distracted, which includes eating in your car, leads to overeating. Instead, get home, sit down at the table, and calmly eat so you register what you're eating and when you're full.

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