Sarasota, Florida -- Two brothers have been arrested for making methamphetamine at a homeless camp in a wooded area east of Cattlemen Road.

John Bedford and David Haring were found cooking meth in their tents in the woods east of Cattlemen Road and Webber Street.

According to reports, detectives received information from their counterparts at the Sarasota Police Department that the brother were cooking meth in their tents. Their suspicious were confirmed after Haring bought one of the main ingredients, Pseudoephedrine, on Wednesday and Bedford purchased more on Thursday.

Undercover detectives and deputies from the Tactical Unit went to the campsite just before 9:00 p.m. on August 1 and found all the materials necessary to cook meth and significant quantities of the drug.

Both men admitted cooking meth and were charged with manufacturing and trafficking in methamphetamine.

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