North Port, Florida -- North Port Police Officer Melanie Turner posted a $200,000 bond in a sex scandal case that ended in her arrest and the suicide of a fellow officer.

The charges are sexual battery and false imprisonment of a woman hosting a party. But those close to the case say the debate is not over what happened, but was it consensual?

"It was 100% consensual," says Eric Reisinger, a Sarasota criminal defense attorney.

Reisinger says that's the truth behind the events of an alleged sexual attack at a party involving Turner and the late Officer Ricky Urbina.

Reisinger was hired to represent Urbina and coordinate a defense with Turner and her attorney. He says both officers were shocked at the allegations.

"Because it was 100% consensual everyone was having a good time. We feel she made the allegations up to protect herself from her boyfriend not get mad at her."

Turner, 33, a North Port Police officer for 10 years and mother of two turned herself in to police Thursday. Meanwhile, Officer Urbina, 44, a husband and father took his own life at his home.

Reisinger says he spoke to Urbina about 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon about 20 minutes before the officer committed suicide.

"I was arranging bail and reassuring him to try and stay calm…He was nervous about going to jail."

On the night of March 1, Reisinger says while on duty Urbina stopped by the alleged victim's party, at Turner's invitation.

"People were drinking women were friendly flashing their (breasts) to Ricky and other men. The victim jumped up and kissed him as soon as he came in the door. These types of parties go on all the time, is my understanding,' says Reisinger.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the victim stated Urbina handcuffed her, then he and Turner take her into a bedroom and sexually assault her.

Reisinger says the two women were close.

"Ms. Turner had a prior relationship with the alleged victim for many years. Ms. Turner and the alleged victim have been intimate before is my understanding."

Reisinger says both officers cooperated with investigators. Urbina went one step further and took a polygraph test.

"He passed it -- that it was 100% consensual," says Reisinger.

The North Port Police Chief Kevin Vespia says he will not tolerate this type of misconduct.

"We also work tirelessly to repair the public trust that may have been lost by these officers' alleged action."

Turner will enter a plea during her arraignment set for April 25.

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