Tampa, Florida - It's video that was never intended for anyone to see, but Friday morning, a CFO of a local company was busted because of his dirty, little secret.

James Stanton, the 39-year-old he chief financial officer of MaintenX in Tampa, was dragged from his office, arrested and charged with 123 counts of video voyeurism.

"He's been using a video recording device, and he's been filming various women while they were showering and using the restroom," said Det. Brian Dugan of the Tampa Police Department.

Since 2010, Dugan says Stanton's been hiding his camera in the company bathroom and retrieving it at the end of the day- resulting in over 200 videos, which were only discovered after an IT employee serviced Stanton's computer and found them.

The IT employee provided the videos and information to management, but saw no action taken, so they were handed over to police.

Since, investigators have identified at least five victims in the clandestine videos, but there could be more, and in today's world of technology, victims come easy.

Surveillance equipment has gotten so advanced, someone's image can be captured with a camera the size of a sugar cube, with a lens as small as a pin head, that- even in the dark- offers a perfect shot.

"You could conceal it in a tissue box or a car," said surveillance expert Michael Peros, who owns Privacy Electronics in Pinellas Park.

He showed 10 News a camera he sells that's no bigger than a thumb drive.

"Take the cap off the back, plug it into the USB port, and download the audio and video into your computer," said Peros.

Now, Tampa investigators are scanning all Stanton's video to see who else has been captured by the camera no one knew was there.

If there are additional victims, please contact 813-231-6130.

Footage of James Stanton readjusting the camera he used to film victims.

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