Winter Haven, Florida -- Winter Haven police have made an arrest in the murder of James Stewart, a homeless man found dead in Inman Park on March 1.

Detectives have charged Demarco Ginn with first degree murder and robbery. They say they linked him tot he murder from blood found on a pair of jeans inside his duffle bag.

According to the medical examiner, Stewart was stabbed in the head and neck multiple times. One strike hit his jugular vein.

Witnesses say Stewart had bought a bicycle on February 28. Detectives say Ginn was in the park with others when Stewart obtained the bike, and was later seen attempting to sell a bicycle matching the description of Stewart's the day he died. The bike has not been located.

Police say Ginn denied involvement in Stewart's death until he was confronted wtih the DNA results found on the clothing in his duffle bag. He ultimately confessed to being at the park on Feb. 28 when he says Stewart was approached by an unknown person, resulting in an altercation. The altercation became physical, he said, leading to the stabbing of the victim. Police say Ginn was untruthful to law enforcement multiple times regarding his involvement over the course of the investigation.

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