Winter Haven, FL - Who knew the double-lane drive thru concept at fast-food restaurants would cause Road Rage?

Winter Haven Police say that late Saturday night, Howard Carl Wilson was in one lane of the double drive-thru at the McDonalds located at 245 6th St. NW, while Brittani Thomas was a passenger in a vehicle in the other lane. Thomas' vehicle pulled in front of Wilson's after ordering.

This allegedly did not sit well with Wilson. Wilson was heard by witnesses yelling profanities and racial slurs through his window toward the other vehicle. After a few moments, police say Wilson exited his van and approached the passenger side of the vehicle, where the victim was sitting.

She opened the door and asked what his problem was.

As the encounter continued on for almost two minutes, Thomas is seen in cell phone video attempting to close the door multiple times. Wilson held the door open, prohibiting Thomas from closing it while he continued yelling.

Just as the other vehicles in line ahead began to move forward, Wilson reached in the vehicle and punched Thomas in the face. Wilson then went back to his van, got in and drove off.

Officers eventually located him at his home, where he admitted to being at McDonald's on that evening, but said he was only at the passenger door of the vehicle for no more than 15 seconds. He said he was angry because the other vehicle cut him off and he almost struck it.

But after watching the cell phone video, police say he realized the situation was much more than he recalled. Wilson told the officers, "It was like a road rage incident."

Wilson was charged with Simple Battery and booked into the Polk County Jail, where he has since bonded out.

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