St. Petersburg, Florida -- St. Petersburg Police say the military vet who shot at two people in a car outside his home Saturday night did so because he thought they were conducting a drug deal.

After neighbors told 10 News illegal drug activity has been a problem in the their neighborhood, we went to the St. Pete Police Department who says officers have indeed been patrolling the neighborhood for drug use.

Police say 34-year-old Jason Faber stepped out of his house on 43rd street and 7th Avenue North just after 10 o'clock Saturday night and shot at two men sitting in a car in front of his home. One of those men, 31-year-old Alexander Usher, lives next door to Faber.

Faber shot off several rounds from a semi-automatic gun at the men who he believed were doing a drug deal.

Police talked to Faber's wife, who says her husband is a military veteran and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Police say one of the men he shot at is dead, the Usher is still recovering.

Bullet holes were found throughout the neighborhood.

One bullet went through a house window and grazed 55-year-old David Oard's forehead while he was inside his home directly across the street from the shooting.

"He was shot in the forehead," said Oard's girlfriend Tina Lambert. "He was laying on the couch waiting to go to sleep and he gets shot in the forehead. Thank God he has double pane windows because if they weren't, it could have hit him differently."

Police chased Faber through St. Petersburg for an hour before they caught up with him.

They were finally able to stop him from getting onto an I-275 on-ramp near Dr. Martin Luther King and West 38th Avenue. They recovered the gun in his vehicle.

Faber has been charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder.

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Police: Military veteran shoots three people; one dead

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