Spring Hill, Florida -- Westside Elementary has been educating kids in Spring Hill since 1972, but according to a recent building report this could be the last year. The report recommends renovations, remodeling or total demolition.

That means kids would be sent to Pine Grove, miles away, and that doesn't sit well with parents.

"We were upset, we were actually really worried," says Leanna Moes.

Moes has twins in kindergarten and moved here because it was close to Westside. She fears that her kids going to another school could change everything.

"It's not ideal for us and it's going to put a huge strain on us, especially with our work schedules. I will probably have to cut back on my time at work," Moes said.

Concerned parents even created a Facebook page called Save Westside Elementary.

Joe Gardella says he's passed out over 1,000 flyers, hoping parents will come to the next school board meeting. Gardella lives two houses from Westside.

"I think it's a little inconvenient... I mean, the school's been here for 40 years. They've built other schools. They can't just fix one that's been here and kids are doing great in," says Gardella.

No matter what the school board decides, parents want Westside open next year.

Gardella says "I would like them to at least do repairs on the school and keep it open."

The building report is scheduled to go before the board next Tuesday at a workshop and possibly a vote that evening, but not before a number of parents have their voices heard.

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