Tampa, Florida -- Watch the raw video of a driver blowing past a stopped school bus loading little kids. The culprit? Another school bus driver.

10 News' cameras were rolling at a brand new bus stop Tuesday morning in Tampa. It was supposed to end a dangerous situation -- but Tuesday, it put even more kids in danger.

Even though the Meridian Pointe Apartments are less than a mile from Middleton High School -- well within legal walking distance -- the district put in a bus pickup here after members of the community begged for the new stop.

The apartments sit along busy Hillsborough Avenue, where two sisters were were hit by a vehicle earlier this year as they sprinted across six lanes to get to school. One of them was killed.

Buses for other schools came and went. But the Middleton High route was a no-show. Eventually, all but one student gave up and found another way to school.

"Sad. Because I was looking forward to being on time, because it's my first day," one student said. "It makes me feel like... they don't really care about the students here," another said.

The bus finally showed up at 7:51 a.m., almost a full hour late -- and more than 20 minutes after school had actually started.

10 News then saw the bus driver hit the gas and blow through the outstretched stop arms and flashing lights of another school bus that was picking up elementary students across the street.

The bus stop is at a busy intersection where two sisters were were struck by a vehicle earlier this year, killing one of them. WTSP

Back in March, 15-year-old Norma Velasquez-Cabrera was killed and her sister was injured as they, like so many students, tried to dart across the busy stretch of road.

There's a tempting, dangerous short cut between the apartment complex and school, which students continued to use despite pleas from school officials and community activists.

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A Florida Department of Transportation study concluded there had been so many pedestrian and bicycle incidents in the same area, that a lighted intersection is needed.

But constructing one will take several months.

"And we don't want to take the chance that anything could happen in the meantime," Hillsborough School Superintendent MaryEllen Elia previously told 10 News.

Thus the new bus stop was announced, intended for students who lived at the Meridian Pointe apartment complex.

RAW VIDEO: Bus runs late, runs through other bus' stop sign

A bus intended to keep kids from crossing a busy intersection is nearly an hour late on the first day of class. Then as it leaves, it blows through the outoutstretched stop arms and flashing lights of another school bus.

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