Tampa, FL -- On the last day of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act, the government's healthcare website once again went down. At one point on Monday visitors to were told the site was "down for maintenance."

Meantime, dozens of people waited in line at the Hunt Center at Al Lopez Park to enroll before the midnight deadline.

U.S. Representative Kathy Castor also stopped by to encourage people to sign-up.

"Florida is leading the country in the sign-ups under the federal marketplace and I think that's going to be true when this closes out later today," Castor told reporters.

"Remember, if you have insurance, what you want most of all is for other people to have insurance too, so you don't end up paying more," she added.

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus issued another release Monday raising questions about the Affordable Care Act. Priebus asked how many people that have enrolled have actually paid for coverage and how many uninsured does the Obama Administration plan to tax.

Under Obamacare, those uninsured who don't sign up face a possible $95 fine. But Castor noted there is a hardship provision so there's no guarantee people will have to pay a penalty.

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