Tampa, Florida -- Following the construction accident that left a worker stuck in a hole for more than two hours, 10 News started searching OSHA's database and found the company, DEME construction, had never previously been inspected by the agency.

DEME Construction is licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations, and it does not have any complaints filed against it. However when we contacted OSHA Friday we received an email saying an investigation is now underway.

One of the areas OSHA will focus on is the fact there was not what is called a trench box, which is used when an excavation is made 5 feet deep or more in an area that is not entirely stable rock. The trench box is used to protect the employees.

However, it is not necessarily an OSHA violation because a trench box wasn't used. OSHA also says a competent person has to make an evaluation of the danger and decide if there are hazards present and how best to protect the employees.

OSHA will investigate through interviews and observations of the site to determine if the company was at fault and whether or not to asses a fine.

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