St. Petersburg, Florida -- Two people reportedly have minor injuries after their ultralight aircraftflipped while trying to land in the water Thursday morning.

St. Petersburg Fire Rescue is on scene at O'Neill's Marina, locatedat 670134th Street South. The owner and pilot of the plane, 74-year-old Rodney Tyoe, said hetook off from a strip of beach in Tierra Verde when wind became a factor.

Photo Gallery:Pictures of ultralight in the water

Tyoe said hedecended to about 30 feet whena strong gust of wind flipped the plane upside down and they plummeted tail first into Indian Key waters. Tyoe and his passenger Gina Zimmerman, a family friend, were able to get out of their seats and were pulled from the water by a nearby fisherman.

Tyoe was treated on scene for a cut lip, whileZimmerman was transported to the hospital as a precaution for minor injuries.

10 News has learned that the fisherman whofirst came to their aidwas Gus Hertz, who was one of two men who made another daring water rescue just one day earlier.

In that rescue, a man apparently went into diabetic shock and drove his caroff the road and into the water at Isla Key Bridge. Hertz saw the accident from his condo window and ran out to help pull the driver out of the water.

Photo Gallery:Car in water

On Thursday morningHertzonce again found himself in the right place at theright time, as hewas out on a johnboat fishing when he saw the ultralight go down. St. Pete Fire Rescue says they will be honoring Hertz with a "Citizens Heroic Award" in November.

Florida Fish and Wildlifesecured the ultralight with a boom around it. Arrangements have been made to remove the plane from the water.

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