Plant City, Florida - A stay at home mother of five from Plant City speaks outafter detectives say her husband beat her head with a hammer severely enough to fracture her skull in six places.

It happened around 4 a.m. on Monday.

Four of the couple's five kids were at homeduring the attack.

Investigators say the couple's six-year-old daughter watched it happen, and may havestopped the attack and saved her mother's life.

See photo's of Dawn's recovery with her family

33-year-old Dawn Young couldn't be prouder of her only daughter,Clarrisa May.

Dawn says Clarissa walked into the room as the child's father, 44-year-old Christopher Young,was pounding Dawn over the head with a hammerinside their Plant City home.

Dawn says,"My little princess, had she not been there, who knows if I'd be alive today. She said 'Daddy why are you hitting Mommy?'"

Dawn adds that she doesn't remember the attack, but shedoes remember one of the most gruesome details. She says, "Waking up in a pool of blood - and having to drive myself across town to get myself help."

Dawn says she couldn't call 9-1-1because her husband of 10 years had taken all the cell phones from their home so she couldn't call for help.

She got behind the wheel and droveseven miles to her mother's home, but when she couldn't get into her mother's gated community, shedrove herself to the nearest hospital.

She says she only hadone thing in mind, and that was her children.

Dawnhas five kids, four boys andone girl, but only four kids were at home when the attack happened.

They remained herbiggest concern once she arrived at the hospital.

Dawn says, "I wanted somebody back at the house to make sure that they were okay."

Dawn underwentsurgery andwas released from St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa Friday afternoon.

She says doctorstold her to take it easy. She saysshe wants a divorce from Christopher and hopes to remarry, "Somebody that's not violent and loves kids,"one day.

Christopher Young,who is unemployed,has been arrested.

Detectives with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office say he confessed to the crimebut isn't saying why he did it.

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