TAMPA, Fla. - Ham Radio operators are showing how they keep communication going during emergencies.

The event, called "Field Day," on Saturday gives the community a chance to see how they send messages without the use of phone systems or the Internet.

Events like this are taking place not just across Florida, but across the country. Operators will communicate for 24 hours and, since it's hurricane season, we asked the operators what role they would play if a hurricane hit Tampa Bay.

"We would dispatch amateur radio operators to the various shelters, government locations, other critical infrastructure sites where communications may be needed, and we would be there in a backup role for those communications," says Bill Bode,president of theTampa Amateur Radio Club.

Ham operators are the last line of defense if an emergency happens. This event is an example of how operators can set up wherever they're needed.

"We're providing the communications for first responders: police, fire, ambulance, anyone who has to come out and support the public. Our communications would continue to keep those operations running while their communications systems are down," says Bode.

If you'd like to come out and see how the operators work, there are a list of locations all across the Bay area:

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