TAMPABAY, Fla. -Governor Rick Scott has started interviewing candidates for his six Board of Trustee appointments at the newly-created Florida Polytechnic University.

The 10 News Investigators learned the governor spent 70 minutes on Wednesday, June 27 interviewing seven applicants,according to documents obtained through public records requests.

Among the candidates considered are Ann Duncan, who served on theFlorida Board of Governors until this year, and Lakeland businessman Brian Philpot, who, after a 10 News Investigation,admitted he failed to disclose on his application that his company had more than $100,000 in contractswithUSF Polytechnic.

Philpot, 40,is a close ally of State Sen. JD Alexander, R-Lake Wales, while Duncan contributed to the controversial legislator's 2008 re-election campaign. Alexanderwas the driving force behind creating the new university in Lakeland.

Notes taken by Gov. Scott during theinterview noted that Duncan,46,of Tarpon Springs,served as president of the Vertical Integration company. He also noted her involvement with Florida Tax Watch, the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce, and USF.

Scott's notes on Philpotmention his politically-connected references, including Publix Vice Chairman Barney Barnett, former House Speaker Dean Cannon's Chiefof Staff Mathew Bahl, and State Rep. Seth McKeel, R-Lakeland.

None of the governor's notes mentioned Alexander.

Scott also interviewed and took notes on:

The Governor's office has not indicated when Scott may make his appointments. The Board of Governors is also vetting its list of candidates for five trustee appointments, but its staff was not able to immediately provide 10 News with the requested documents

Once appointed, Board of Trustees members will make decisions for the new university until they have a chance to be confirmed by the Senate in early 2013.

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