UDPATE:The burglary suspect is in custody.

Earlier Report:

SARASOTA, Florida-The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is looking for a burglar who was possibly shot while trying to break into a grandmother'shome on Saturday night.

The burglar broke a glass door in the back ofthe woman'shome and tried to get inwhen the woman shot at him. Shecan be heardcrying as she speaks with the 911 operator.She tells him, "I live by myself. I live alone. I'm an older woman."

In herupscale but secluded Sarasota neighborhood, it's easy to understand why it'scalled "Hidden Oaks." Large trees and lush landscaping hidesome of the homes from the street. But in one of those homes, no doubt,a grandmother's sense of securityis shattered.

In a panicked tone, she tells the operator, "Somebody came to my door and I couldn't answer it because I was getting dressed, and a couple of minutes later I heard the sound of glass breaking in my breakfast room and I grabbed my gun and he started to step in.He had a bandana up over his face. I couldn't tell if he was carrying. He may have been armed. I just was so frightened at the noise."

She says she was so frightenedat the sight of a man breaking into her house she got a gun and fired at him. She says, "It's a .38 caliber. I've got it laying on my counter here. I've never used it except for target practice."

The woman was so distraught over what happenedthat she sounds even apologetic, telling the 911 operator she now has bullet holes in her curtain. She tells him, "I fired two."

She's sobbing during the recorded phonecall when she adds,"I'm so sorry.I would never hurt someone, but I was fearful of my life."

Neighbors like Hussein Abtidon arestunned. He says his brother and several other neighbors heard the gunshots and they heard the suspect leave quickly.

Abtidon says, "After a while, the car took off squealing. It was a shock to us."

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 20s, average height and build, and clean shaven. The vehicle is described as a newer, clean, white SUV with a State of Florida Tampa Bay Buccaneers tag.

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