TAMPA BAY, Florida -- Imagine looking for work with someone to help you tackle every detail free of charge. That'swhereThe Grow Group thrives, guiding people with disabilities through everything from job searching to job training.

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The national unemployment rate for people with disabilities has decreased from a year ago, but it's still 13.3 percent, five points higher than the overall unemployment rate across the country.

Nicole St. Clair is among the jobless, looking for acareer that can use her banking experience and allow her to support her daughter.

The Grow Group has inspired her confidence in the face of unemployment. "I feel good because they show passion," St. Clair says."They let you know that you're not alone, and they care about you."

At The Ritz Ybor, The Grow Group also showcases its Grow Cart, which gives on-the-job training for people with disabilities in food service, organic farming, and local sustainability.

The seeds planted by The Grow Group help harvest opportunities for people like St. Clair.

"I love it. It's fabulous," she says.

And it gives them someone to celebrate success with.

"When they get that job, you feel like you got the job. I'm next to them jumping for joy and screaming 'Let's go out for ice cream,'" says Czarnec. "I feel like a proud parent, almost."

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