TAMPA, Florida -- Tropical Storm Isaac has Sam Ivy so worried he may spend more than $600 on a generator at Lowe's.

"This time I have a baby at home. Iwant to make sure we are covered if we stay," he said.

Gerard Krief stopped to pick up a weather alert radio, water, and batteries. He's not too worried about Isaac. He said, "I'm not really worried. If you're prepared, you'll do fine."

Be prepared -- that's the lesson Lowe's manager Matt White said Tropical Storm Debby's 3-day staytwo months ago has taught the Bay area. He said, "Definitely taking it more serious than Debby. one thought it would do much."

White said employees are stocking shelves hourly, and more supplies are on the way. So far, Lowe's officials have rolled out more than 350 trucks with hurricane supplies to stores in the Gulf coast and panhandle. "We have drivers ready to go to restock us in water, generators, batteries, flashlights. We're ready. We're prepared to have products here for our customers."

When buying hurricane supplies, remember the things you will need for after the storm:a wet and dry vacuum, in case you have standing water in your home. Something as simple as a couple of buckets can be useful. If you have fallen trees or tree limbs, you'll need a chainsaw, and don't forget some garbage bags to help you haul it away.

Tina and Randy Roy are doing for Isaac what they did not do for Tropical Storm Debby: they're shopping at the Sweetbay Supermarket on Gandy Boulevard. "We're making sure we are stocked up for ourselves and the animals," said Tina.

Sweet Bay managers say for now their shelves are full for now,but come Sunday that may change. Sweetbay's customer service manager, Yolanda Sierra, said, "We're expecting a lot of people to come in, people procrastinating to the last minute thinking it's not going to be as bad."

Store managers say if you still need storm supplies head out early and beat the rush.

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